Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Amazing Louis Bec

Louis Bec was a great friend of the great Philosopher Vilem Flusser. He creates amazing artificial life models that could exist - maybe they do. You can read more about Louis Bec here and about his creatures here. Finally something more intelligent than X-men who acknowledges that evolution is not finished. Below you find the beginning - a taster for future enjoyments.


A Lesson in Epistemological Fabulatory

1) Background
~Artificial life is a construct that accommodates a tensorial space.
~Thus it is the result of marked tension between the living and the technologically created near-living.
~Its techno-ecosystemic niche presents as a 'potential' for chimerization.
~It is subject to a tension existing between life defined as an intrinsic property of matter and life redefined as a technological simulation device.
~This tension describes a distinctive trajectory in the overall relationship between the arts and the sciences.
~Thus it opens up entirely new fields of exploration and plays a part in the current reconfiguration of knowledge and forms of expression.
~This trajectory traverses the scientific, artistic and technological domains, in all their diversity, evolutions and mutations. Via the multiplicity of interactions thus generated it gives rise to offset 'epistemological and esthetic tensions.'
~The areas of representation and modeling of the living are explored by elasticity deformation. The newer areas of interactivity, digital information and networks, the programming of processes relating to movement, real time, virtual space and man/animal/machine interfaces, are explicitly designated as fundamental activities for experimental creation.

Louis Bec. Malaskunodousse, 1997-99, artificial life model, softimage.

~In fact, artificial life is inhibited by the animate schema of the living.
~Its role is that of an autonomous behavioral agent, in techno-sensorial interaction with the fluctuating environment of that knowledge out of which, patiently and via its own learning capacity, it develops its behavior and its inventive adaptation.
~The artistic and scientific convergences and divergences artificial life testifies to are based on a primeval tremor.
~An imperceptible tremor of the living, a vibration going back to time immemorial. By giving rise to a logical proliferation wave, it compels recognition of the 'pro-creation' of techno-biodiversity as a fundamental mode of human expression.