Wednesday, September 11, 2013

(In)Visible Dialogues - Grenoble

We have started taking the first steps towards the next incarnation of (In)Visible Dialogues in Grenoble in France. Here are some notes:

(In)Visible Dialogues is neither art nor science, but a platform for both fields to meet and interact. It brings together leading specialists from the two fields from different European countries to dialogue about nature and the boundaries of our lives and if these can be stretched or expanded. (In)Visible Dialogues was initiated by artist Per Hüttner and Elias Arnér, professor in biochemistry at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm in close collaboration with Anhata in Grenoble. The project is a continuation (In)Visible Dialogues that took place at Konstakademin in Stockholm in spring 2011. (

During three days in May 2014, dialogues will take place at Anahata in Grenoble. The audience will not be able to see the audience and vice versa. Instead the audience will be looking at the daily life in Grenoble and they also become the focus of the gaze of the citizens of the town as they will be seated in a shop-window.

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